High-Slice Low Dose CT

Our GE Light speed CT is ACR accredited and offers a low radiation dose. Images slices that are acquired can be reconstructed in to 3D images to help aid your ordering physician in viewing the scan and making a decision on treatment. 3D reconstruction is a great tool for surgeons to use for patients that will soon be undergoing surgery.


What to Wear

Chest, Abdomen, and Pelvic CT

Loose fitting, comfortable clothing is best to wear during your CT scan. If contrast is ordered, please wear loose fitting or short sleeves to gain IV access easily. Women should not wear underwire bras. No necklaces or body piercings in area of testing, ie. belly rings, nipple, chest etc. Rings, bracelets, earrings are ok for these tests. Belts are removed at time of test.


Head, Sinus, Temporal, and Facial CT

Please do not wear earrings or bobby pins, and remove all piercings in area of test; ie. nose, tongue, eyebrow, cheek, lip etc. Hearing aids and dentures are removed at the time of scan.


Extremities – Upper (Arms, Hand, Wrist) or Lower (Hips, Knees, Ankle, Foot)

No jewelry allowed, ie. bracelets, anklets, toe or finger rings.

Please note: for all CT scans – pace maker, aorta clips are ok


What to Expect Before Scan

Patient Prep Instructions

Head, Neck or Chest CT

Patient should not have anything to eat or drink 1 hour prior to the examination. If medication needs to be taken, use as little water as possible to administer medication.


CT Scan of Extremities, Sinuses, or Spine

No Preparation is required for these tests. Patient can eat and drink normally.


Abdomen and Pelvis CT

Patient should drink plenty of water the day before the exam.

Contrast material must be picked up at the facility (254 Republic Ave, Joliet, Illinois 60435) the day before the scheduled test. Shake material well EACH time before you drink. 3 hours prior to the exam – drink 15 ounces. 1 hour prior to the exam – drink 15 ounces.

No Food or Drink 4 hours prior to the exam.

What to Expect During Scan

Scans will normally range from 5-15 minutes after being positioned. Actual image acquisition takes seconds. Please expect appointment time to take 30 minutes for each body part.


What to Expect After Scan

  •  Once your scan is complete the technologist will burn a C.D. of all of your images on a disk for you to take to your doctor. We recommend keeping the disk for your records after the doctor is able to view it.
  •  Your final report will take 48 hours to get to your doctor.
  •  If your doctor uses our complimentary PACs System he or she should receive the results within 24 hours on average. The only time results may take longer is when outside prior images are required for a complete read. Please let our office know upon scheduling if you have outside priors.
  •  If you have an appointment with your doctor the day following your scan please let the technologist know.

Our goal is to make this experience as comfortable as possible for you while acquiring the information needed to provide your doctor with adequate results. Thank you for trusting us with your scan.