Our team wants to be a part of YOUR team!  At Future Diagnostics Group we know you have options to refer your patients anywhere you want-and we want to make the choice easy for you.  EVERY office that refers to us is provided access to their patient’s images and reports in real-time by using our PACS system, “ERAD”.  We also complete all pre-authorizations as a complimentary convenience to your office.  Please contact our marketing director to register for RQI and pre-authorization completion.

Offering these services allow us to be the most efficient with getting you the answers you need to better treat your patient.  A radiologist is on-site at our facility every-day and is available to answer questions you may have about your patient’s report, and what type of scan to order for specific symptoms.  Think of us as your own out-patient radiology department.  We want what’s best for your patient- just as much as you do.

ERAD PACs: Click To Login

(See your patient’s Images and Reports in real-time.)

Please contact our marketing director at anevarez@petmrct.com to create a login for your office.